Upgrading the digitalization

Project - Upgrading Eirene's digitalization

Eirene is a high-fashion buotique in the heart of Lappeenranta. Eirene’s entrepreneur, Olga, ran into trouble when the coronavirus closed the border to Russia and a large number of customers stayed on the other side of it. Olga had a secret dream about her own online store but the dream was weighed down by the thought that she knew nothing about e-commerce.

In the Eirene project, it was extremely important to listen to the entrepreneur’s concerns and communicate a lot. Olga trusted our company to build her own online store without understanding much about it herself. It was important that we told her everything clearly and without professional jargon.

In addition to high-quality producst, Eirene's business in theshop is based on expert service. The client get a lot of dressing tips and styling instructions. This competitive advantage of Eirene also had to be realized in online shopping. That is why Eirene's online store is not quite an ordinary "here is a product, put it in the shopping cart" online store, but the inspiration and styling service given to the customer is also realized in a digital environment.

We implemented the project together with our partner atFlow. AtFlow Oy in Joensuu was an important part of the project in building a functional and user-friendly online store. We acted as an interpreter between atFlow and Olga. We helped Olga understand the things required of her and say her wishes in the direction of atFlow.

Finding new customer channels and areas on the Russian side was a big part of this project. Marketing to Russia requires different skills, as cultural differences are large. We draw up a digital marketing strategy and plans for Eirene in Russia. Our Russian marketing expert Maria has supported Olga in marketing and produced marketing content. After the development project, Eirene can now serve its  loyal as its new customers, whether the border is closed or open. 

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