Enabling the development work

Project - Enabling the development of AlexSandra

AlexSandra is lingerie specialty store. At the beginning of the project, AlexSandra had an online store and three stores in Eastern Finland. The products sold by AlexSandra are the best-selling lingerie in Europe, from popular manufacturers. However, the online store did not generate the desired sales. However, AlexSandra's goal was for the e-commerce to become the company's fourth, most-selling international office.

AlexSandra's project consisted of many different parts. The entrepreneur, Tuija, was trained, and the functionality of the e-commerce and its marketing were significantly improved. Development requires resources and therefore identifying funding opportunities was also a key measure. Our partner, atFlow Oy in Joensuu, was also involved in improving e-commerce. AtFlow developed a faster and more eye-catching online store that sells and serves customers better. Improved e-commerce and enhanced marketing significantly increased sales and opened up opportunities for wider internationalization. To this end, new financial instruments were identified and applications were written.

AlexSandra's e-commerce business is an example of the continuation of development work. It is not possible to lie on the bearings, but the operations must be developed all the time. One of our key tasks has been to enable this development and help the company as well as the entrepreneur move forward.

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