Clarification of company's operations

Project - Clarification of Soinilan Oy 's operations

Soinila's project began when Piia asked for help on social media. Piia wanted to apply for corona support funding, but the process and the application seemed complicated. However, it seemed even more difficult to outline the future project and its content. Mika answered Piia's cry for help, helped applying funding and so the project started. Soinila's company was very fragmented. Soinila was in pain from the inexperience of the early years. Tuliniekka, which had just been connected to the company, was also looking for it's place in the company.

Despite the complications in the company, there was a lot of good in the background. Soinila and Tuliniekka's products were excellent. Entrepreneurs exuded warmth and love for doing their own thing. An authentic entrepreneurial approach to making and genuinely clean and good raw materials created an excellent background for the project.

The main task of the project was to help Soinila's entrepreneurs Piia and Markku gain certainty and trust for doing their own thing. Together, we thought about reselling, prices, marketing, and customers. The websites were redesigned, we planned marketing both online and offline, and started building a network of resellers. With the reforms, the company's products are also available in the online store.

Clarity has been the red line in Soinila's project. There has been a lot of work to be done and the most important thing has been to keep the wholeness under control, to implement the measures in the right order and in the right way. The small parts have formed a whole. Soinilan Oy is now more ready to move forward with a new pace and clarity.

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