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As in life in general, there are moments in the development of a company when you wish your mother would be there. Development is difficult if not enough information and resources are available. With us, you get to focus on your own business and we take care of everything else.

We are always flexible in our services. Each of the service packages listed below can be customized to suit your business needs. After all, all companies are unique. From our customers' videos, you can get a great inspiration for your development.

Clarification of company's the operations

Clarifying the operations of a company means working closely with the entrepreneur and helping them on a daily basis.  The entrepreneur has a lot of expertise in their own field, but time and money are not enough tfor further development. The entrepreneur needs help in clarifying the company's day-to-day operations, developing sales, marketing and services, and creating a completely new strategy. There are often many things which need develoment, but which are the most important and what needs to be done first? And how is all of this done? We help your company to find a new direction and help you develop. This way you don't have to leave your company's day-to-day business. We prioritize the most important measures and ensure that they are implemented. In this way, the development of the company becomes straightforward and efficient. Your business saves on cost and the quality of work is high.

Upgrading the digitalization

The entrepreneur is an experienced professional in their field and great in customer service. However, experience with online service may be lacking. What is needed for e-commerce and what is an iron wire model? Where can I get an e-commerce template or payment options? How can my online store be linked to popular marketplaces? We help your company to upgrade your business into the digital world. We act as your company's project manager and assemble the best possible team of experts from our network to implement the digitalization of your company. We ensure the interests of your company in the project; you don’t pay for nothing and the work progresses on schedule. The most important thing is that all parties involved in the work understand the business idea of your company and as an entrepreneur you can be confident that things are going in the right direction.

Enabling the development work

Enabling development work starts by choosing the first steps of development with the entrepreneur. How to enable the financing which is required for development? We help in identifying funding options and preparing the funding applications. We have a long experience of utilizing the ever-changing financial tools of the ELY Center and Business Finland, for example. When applying for funding, the overall picture of the project often also needs to be clarified. Does the company's plan work as it is, or does the granting of financing perhaps require some other additional development? It is also important to know how much of your own salaries can be funded and how much can be outsourced to different actors.

Sparring the development

In sparring, the entrepreneur already has the understanding and desire to develop. The company has already planned or may have already done clarification of services and visibility. Is the idea of the company feasible and how can it be put into practice? We will provide additional support and assistance for the development that has already begun. This can be in the form of mentoring, training or working together. In sparring, the entrepreneur gains the perspective, problem-solving or competence of professionals for the development of their own company, as well as support for the tasks and challenges brought by development. We help the company grow, develop and internationalize.

Get inspired by the stories of other entrepreneurs

It is often difficult to see development needs up close. See the stories of our other customers and be inspired by their developments.