About us

NetWorkio is a learning organization. Studying new things and solutions is our job and this way our customers always have access to the best information and solutions.

Elina spins the threads of projects, budgets and schedules in her hands. She plans sales and projects together with Mika. She also gets to show her own skills in solving customers' problems on a daily basis. Large entities such as strategies are Elina's favorite field.
Digital expert

Mikko is widely responsible for our technology and also helps our customers with the problems of the bit world. He brings out his creative side by shining in photo and videography. Mikko speeds up when talking about search engine visibility and marketing analytics.
Marketing expert

Maria is a Russian trade expert and a committed marketing expert. Maria lives and breathes social media and its various channels. Maria is at her best when she gets to prove her skills in projects connected to fashion industry and other consumer products.
Founder, Strategist
Mika is the founder and the entrepreneur of the company. Mika is experienced business guru whose skills do not run out. Mika's expertise includes strategies, leadership, pricing and sales. Mika's strengths also include his extensive networks.

Part of a meaningful job.

"Our work is very meaningful. We often hear warm thanks from entrepreneurs whose distress was relieved with our help. It's awesome to be able to help entrepreneurs and their businesses. It really allows you to put yourself out there and prove your expertise."

Elina Leppä