Robotics to support development

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Robotics usually comes to mind first as large industrial robots, but in fact, robotics is becoming more common in companies of all sizes and types. Industrial robots are, of course, part of robotics, but also chat bots used in many websites and stores, for example, and of course many other software robots and automation applications are also part of the new technology. The point is, then, that robotics is a significant part of our society, utilizing a variety of electronic and digital solutions on a daily basis in both the business and consumer worlds.

As a company, NetWorkio wants to be at the forefront of the wave of development and aware of all the major changes and trends affecting business. For this reason, digitalisation and related challenges and solutions are also a big part of our operations.

So it’s great to be able to tell you that NetWorkio has signed a partnership agreement with Robocamp ry in Imatra and will be responsible for the association's marketing and operational activities in the future and development.


We are very excited about this new partnership. As part of Robocamp ry's operations we will be at the center of South Karelia's development. 

- Elina Leppä, CEO of NetWorkio


Robocamp ry is an association based in Imatra, which promotes the introduction of robotics and automation in companies. The aim of the association is to promote robotics and software know-how and to increase robotics-based entrepreneurship and attract companies to the sector to South Karelia.


Robocamp ry. now takes the steps outlined and planned by the association's board, in order to involve the whole of South Karelia in the global technological development. Now signed the cooperation agreement contributes to the development of Robocamp ry's operational activities. 

- Sami Hänninen, Chairman of the Board of Robocamp ry

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